About us

Délices Érabeille inc. has been in operation since May 23, 2002. However, the first contact between honey and maple syrup began in July 2000. Representing a beekeeper and a maple syrup producer in a trade show.

I was wondering… Is it possible to make products that combine honey and maple syrup?

After my idea was refused and laughed at, I decided, with the help of ITHQ, to take the jump. Ten years later, the company continues to grow, and today we are proud to present our brand: Érabeille Artisan.

From the very beginning, we have maintained the same course, adhering to specific criteria: products must be 100% natural, using pure unpasteurized honey Quebec or Canada (certified) and pure maple syrup for their properties and characteristics. In addition, we shy away from allergenic ingredients and avoid adding sodium except in our salted herbs sauce and our fleur de sel caramel.

The company’s success rests on the complicity we share with our customers at trade shows, fairs or events.

Your trust motivates us to better meet your expectations.